How to Evolve Your Organization’s UX Research Practice From The Bottom Up

For Beginner UX Research Practices

1. Get product team-members to observe user research in action.

2. Use coworkers as a sample for user research that you are already conducting.

3. Brainwash new hires on the product team.

4. Borrow time in existing meetings to educate the difference between UI and UX and retrospective vs. proactive research.

5. Solicit feedback from CSMs to build a foundational relationship.

6. Set up a simple repo for user research with non-research folks in mind.

For intermediate UX research practices:

1. Get engineers and customer success team members to observe user research in action.

2. Elevate research readouts to cross-functional, collaborative, decision-making meetings.

3. Use Lunch ‘n Learns and Masterclasses to show what user research does.

4. Train product managers to do some user research.

5. Create an efficient system for recruiting for research.

6. Iterate your user research repo solution with product managers as the user profile.

For advanced UX research practices:

1. Implement, evangelize, and connect a customer feedback management platform to an advanced user research repo.

2. Schedule non-users to come in every month, no matter if you have something planned or not.

3. Serve user research deliverables in multiple mediums.



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Mike Chirokas

Mike Chirokas

Mike is the founder of The User Interview Exchange. He believes that user interviews are a superpower and is frustrated that too few use them effectively.